The mission of XrayUpload is to provide a second opinion for dental patients all over the world.  

We strive to be a fact-checking resource for patients in need.


Utilizing modern technology, we place patients in contact with our doctors using nothing more than what's already located in their pocket.

XrayUpload was invented in 2017 by Dr. Kevin Criscitiello and Dr. Philip R. Eckman Jr.  The founders attended University of Maryland Dental School in Baltimore, Maryland.


Meet the Founders


Kevin A. Criscitiello, DDS


Philip R. Eckman, Jr., DDS


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"XrayUpload Provides Patients With A Free Second Opinion"

XrayUpload allows your patients to effortlessly get a free second opinion from their team of dentists. The patient simply snaps a photo of their x-ray with their iPhone or requests the x-rays be emailed to them. Within 48 hours, XrayUpload provides a full report, including pathology that is present, additional information that is needed, and treatment options to consider.


"Interpreting Radiographs with Dr. Philip R. Eckman, Jr. & Dr. Kevin A. Criscitiello"

 Phil Eckman and Kevin Criscitiello are two past dental school roommates from the University of Maryland.  They both have been in private practice for 8 years and have decided it is time to give back to more patients. In 2017 they invented to help people across the globe.

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"New Company XrayUpload Announces Website Launch"

XrayUpload, an internet based dental X-ray interpretation service, announced its new website, Patients can now have dental X-rays evaluated by a panel of experienced, licensed dentists at no charge.


How do I get a copy of my xray?

All xrays taken by your dentist are legally yours.  Because most offices are utilizing modern digital radiography that means you can receive your xrays in email format.  Simply contact your dentist and ask for a copy of your xrays.  Some dentists will require you to sign a records release form before giving them to you.  If you have specific xrays from a specific visit you want evaluated you can ask for those xrays only.

What if I have a picture (not an xray) that was taken at my dental visit or one that I took myself?

If you have a picture that was taken at your dental office, or if you've taken one yourself that you would like us to evaluate, you may submit it.  Pictures may not be as easily evaluated as xrays in some cases, but we will still accept the submission and let you know what we can see in the photo.

XrayUpload recommended a different treatment than my dentist. What should I do now?

There may be data from your in-office examination that led your dentist to that conclusion.  We simply provide an evaluation of your xray.  If you feel your previous dentist may have been incorrect you might seek a new treatment plan or contact your previous dentist regarding our evaluation.

What if I have a traditional film xray?

Your dentist may still be taking your xrays on traditional film (non-digital).  In those cases they will provide you with a duplicate copy of your pertinent xray.  You can photograph the film and submit.  Here’s what we recommend:  Hold the film up to a window during daylight hours and take a picture with your phone.

My xray was deemed "non-diagnostic."  What should I do next?

Some of the reasons we may not be able to evaluate your xray include contrast, clarity, and angulation of the image.  Unfortunately for us to help we would need a different xray.  Another reason would be clarity of the photo of your xray.  If you feel this is the case please take a new photo of your xray and submit again.

Why do you need to know my age and gender?

Your age and gender may help provide information to assist in analysis of your xray.  Bone density can differ in men and women and also vary over time as you age.  Certain characteristics are typical of one group and not another.